Gauthier Keyaerts: short biography



Born in Brussels in February 1969, Gauthier Keyaerts has developed his own physical and organic approach to music. His work, which is based on the principle of instinctive “sonic sculpturing” and “spatialisation”, variously takes the form of installations (L’Oeil Sampler), interactive experiences (Fragments#43-44), recordings (Sub Rosa, Quatermass, Microno), or live performances stages in a carefully-defined architectural space (La Saline Royale). Among other locations, his work has been performed and exhibited in Belgium, France, Germany, Spain, Morocco, Taiwan and Quebec : Ars Musica, FIAV (Casablanca), Bain numériques, Gaîté Lyrique, Nuits Sonores, Printemps des poètes (Québec), Digital Art Festival (Taipei)…






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