Fragments #43-44 PointCulture, Brussels. From the 17th of december 2013 to the 4th of january 2014.

Fragments #43-44

Fragments #43-44 is an art project by Gauthier Keyaerts, in collaboration with François Zajéga (visuals and data mapping), the numediart institute (gesture recognition) and Yacine Sebti (sound processing). Its core concept relies on both technology and improvisation.


Once immersed in what is both a digital sound universe and a real music instrument, the artist (or the audience) uses the movements of his body to navigate through a series of sound banks, which is renewed prior to every public performance.

In this process, the body can trigger and spatialize sounds (which then move around the artist), and specific gestures are used to loop them, activate effects, or alter a sound’s volume, speed, etc. One can therefore improvise a unique composition of the instant.

When performing, Gauthier Keyaerts acts as both a conductor and a human interface  between sounds, machines and images. Absorbed in this sound world, Gauthier draws from the depths of his subconscious in order to create new forms.
Such an experience is available to the public when the system is presented as an art installation, allowing anyone to not only see and hear, but feel its creative potential.

Fragments #43-44 is a project financed by the digital arts division of the Fédération Wallonie Bruxelles, and co-produced by the numediart Institute as well as Transcultures.

From Decembre the 17th 2013 the the 4th of January2014 at PointCulture, Rue Royale, 145, 1000 Bruxelles.




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