A while ago…

OK, it has been a while… I have been lazy on the « digital communication side », but not regarding work: Boo, Forever is almost finished, there will soon a website for Fragfments #43-44… this projet is mutating: from solo to the poetic duo, from the poetic duo to a new creation, mixing Fragments with contemporary dance. Yeah!

And some more projects to come…


fragments01 / La Marlagne

fragments07 / La Marlagne

fragments06 / La Marlagne

fragments05 / La Marlagne

fragments02 / La Marlagne

fragments03 / La Marlagne

fragments04 / La Marlagne


Jean Marc-Desgent / Fragments#43-44 (performance) @ maelstrÖm reEvolution – fiEstival, Espace Senghor, Brussels. 9th of May 2015.

The 8th gig with Jean-Marc Desgent was amazing: the audience of the maelstrÖm reEvolution – fiEstival gave us such a warm en enthusiastic round of applause. We had so much fun during this incredible and cosy festival.

Everything was perfect: the performances, the meetings, the audience, the technical aspects, the food and of course the Maelström team (Merci David) … When work is like having the best holidays ever.

John Sellekaers was the « eye » of the festival. Thanks to him, we got these:


Fiestival 1

Fiestival 2

Fiestival 3

Fiestival 4

Fiestival 5

Fiestival 6

Fiestival 7