Boo, Forever.

One of the many reasons explaining my « silence » is also the energy and focus devoted to the Brautigan tribute I am directing:  Boo, Forever. Quite a marathon, but a pleasant one of course!

We had the opportunity, Jonas Luyckx, Stephan Ink, Vincent Tholomé and myself to have a short but intense residency at the Marlagne center

Boo, Forever wil hit the road in October 2016. Looking forward for this moment!



Many, many, many… Why not? Photo + poetry + sounds + frames =… more news soon.

One of the many projects I am working on this year is a 2.0 version of L’oeil Sampler.It was my first installaion.


Why a 2.0 edit?

Not because of any nostaglic feeling, but because L’oeil Sampler is a « generative » project, a long-run one, with the images and sounds changing as time passes by. L’oeil Sampler 2.0 (this won’t be the final title!) will include poetry (textes + readings) with a.o.:

Vincent Tholomé

Pour Vincent (4)

Pierre Guéry


Simon Dumas

Simon (2)

Bertrand Laverdure


Jack Keguenne

Pour Jack (1)

Frédérique Soumagne

Frédéric Soumagne (3)

Yvon d’Anjou

Pour Yvon (4)

Plus de noms dans les semaines à venir.