Fragments #43-44 will be shown at Bains Numériques on the 17 and 18th of June 2014 (Performance and installation).

Going, going…  almost gone to the Bains numériques (Enghien-les-bains), for the second time, to take part:

1) To the International Competition

2) Do a performance

3) Show Fragments #43-44 as an installation.



And, furthemore: it will be a new version of the system. But I won’t say more…


Carnages… something about porn. A new collaboration with François Zajega.

Since last Friday, Carnages – an installation about the unnconscious, ghosts, porn, art… is shown at the Atelier du Web, every weekend until the 1st of June.

This is some new amazing pictural work from François Zajéga, who kindly asked me to compose the Soundtrack.


Some explanations:

We both worked in a (de)generative way. François using digital tools, and myself falling back in love with analogic generative matrixes (tapes and reel-toreel, and tapes…).

Here is some extract grabbed from the 45 minutes Alpha version.

Fragments #43-44 will be shown at Nightshot festival (Mai numérique), Malves-en-Minervois. 31st of May 2014.

A real treat for me,  I so wanted to play in the castle of Malves-en-Mivervois, during the Mai numérique.

What a setting, a wall from the castle will be the screen for François Zajega‘s generative video!

Something like 20 meters x 15 meters.

Hoping to have the opportunity to use an octophonic sound system.

So, performance on Saturday the 31st of May 2014.





Working with Charley and Manuela: Undervoice… and more to come.

I am so glad to have shared some artistic moments with Charley Case and Manuela de Tervarent. More to come!

You won’t hear it in this teaser, but they used some of my sounds for this beautiful existential trip titled Undervoice.


A river movie by Charley Case & Manuela de Tervarent

Affiche Undervoice

Undervoice est un voyage à travers les contrées souterraines de l’être.

A partir d’une série de rencontres Manuela de Tervarent et Charley Case nous invitent à questionner ce qui nous met en mouvement, de la naissance à la mort, ce qui nous pousse à traverser l’ombre, à nous frayer un chemin à travers nos fragilités et nos dualités.

2) Le corps verbal:




Videoformes 2014: what a treat!

First of all, I want to say that Videoformes is an amazing festival, a perfect example of professionalism and conviviality. Thanks to the team, all the news friends I met there (Nathan, José, John, Robert, Jérôme, Raphael, etc.), thanks to the audience for their support regarding Fragments


It was amazing besing part of the Jury (chekc the website for the palmares), to perform, having a contribution to the Cage tribute and… an amazing coincidence: be also present through Thomas Israël’s Skinstrap and Jonas Luyckx and Annie Lafleur fantastic Le cinéaste et l’inverse.